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The Mop Shop News of 2017

  • Christmas brought with it gifts from friends, family, neighbors and local churches.  We couldn't do what we do without the generous support we receive during the holiday season and throughout the year.  We were overwhelmed by the gifts from those near and far.  Our heartfelt thanks to all.  (December 2017)​

  • The third annual Trick or Treat for The Mop Shop sponsored by Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in Scales Mound was an immense success.  What a terrific job by members of the congregation!  With four collection sites, product donations were the best yet!  (November 2017)​

  • Dear friend Chanda Hott arrived from Champaign, IL with a trunk load of cleaning supplies for The Mop Shop.  We were thrilled to receive Dawn dish soap, multi-surface cleaner and loads of Purex laundry detergent!  How thoughtful of her to support our cause.  (October 2017)​

  • August was an eventful month!  In addition to celebrating the third anniversary of The Mop Shop, we were once again overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends and neighbors.  Donations were made by the Galena Elks Club, Tammy's Piggly Wiggly and the Eagle I's.  July is traditionally our busiest month so the donations couldn't have come at a better time.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! (August 2017)​

  • The Galena Territory Garage Sale was held on June 10.  With 47 homes on the map, it was quite a day!  Heartfelt thanks to our generous neighbors, Sharon, Linda, Becky and Dee.  What a delightful surprise when they shared the proceeds from their sale with The Mop Shop!  Another Territory resident provided us with storage shelves that proved to be a perfect fit in the storage room!  It was a great day for The Mop Shop! (June 2017)​

  • On Saturday, May 13, we enjoyed participating in the Adopt-A-Pot Program sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.  As a member of the Chamber, The Mop Shop maintained a pot along Main Street from May through October.  What a colorful addition!  (May 2017)​

  • A great time was had by all at Culver's Share Night!  Over $660 was raised to benefit The Mop Shop.  Our sincere thanks to Culver's, our enthusiastic volunteers and the many supportive members of the community who stopped by to enjoy burgers and shakes!  (May 2017)​

  • Please plan to join us on Tuesday, May 2, between 4:30 and 7:30 pm for Culver's Share Night.  We hope to beat last year's $450 total!  See you there! (April 2017)​

  • The Mop Shop was one among 46 businesses that participated in the first-ever Business Expo at the Elizabeth Municipal Building on April 29.  With 200 attendees it was a great way to spread the word about the availability of cleaning supplies at The Mop Shop.  In keeping with our mission to promote health, home and happiness, we distributed individual packets of Wet Ones. (April 2017)​

  • Paula Sands Live!  A terrific day on the PSL set.  We thoroughly enjoyed sharing our story and spreading the word in hopes that other communities will establish their own mop shops.   Paula is a warm, welcoming host with a great sense of humor. (March 2017)​

  • We'd like to welcome Carla Petitgout, our sixth volunteer.  Welcome aboard to a special lady! (February 2017)

  • Many thanks to our brother Chris, visiting from Seattle, for his help in dismantling shelves in our garage, moving product, reassembling shelves and restocking them!  We couldn't have done it without him! (February 2017)

  • From garage  to new storage room!  Special thanks to our neighbors at the Food Basket for dismantling hallway lockers to accommodate a new storage room.  We appreciate their willingness to share space!  (January 2017)

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