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Thank You to All of Our Donors!

The Mop Shop is operated as a charitable organization but does not have a 501(C)(3) designation.  We operate through the generosity of banks, businesses, churches, civic organizations, family, friends and youth groups.  We couldn’t do what we do without the generous and enthusiastic support of our donors.  Thank you!


The Mop Shop is operated as a charitable organization.  We do not have a 501(C)(3) designation.  We operate through the generosity and goodwill of local individuals, organizations and businesses.  As you visit those listed on this site, please extend your thanks to them for their support of The Mop Shop.
If you are interested in making donations, please contact Melinda Dalgarn at or call her at 815-281-1995.

In our effort to support sustainability, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, plant-based formula and recycled plastic products are particularly welcome. 

Cleaning Supplies

Tammy's Piggly Wiggly, Galena, IL.

Premier Bank, Dubuque, IA

Village of Elizabeth, Mike Dittmar, President
John Slimp, Otto's Place, Galena, IL
The Pollination Project, California
Absolute Return Solutions, Redmond, WA
The Libman Company, Arcola, IL
Eagle I's, Galena, IL
Riverport Railroad, Savanna, IL
Have Fork Will Travel, Galena, IL
Tim Horman, Timothy's Table, Galena, IL
Premier Bank employees, Dubuque, IA
University of Illinois Extension, Gayle Arnold and Maggie Guenzler, Elizabeth, IL
Menominee Achiever's 4-H Club, Janet Swift, East Dubuque, IL
Lord of Love Lutheran Church, Galena, IL
Territory Quilters, The Galena, Territory, Galena, IL
Gasser True Value, Galena, IL
Theisen's of Dubuque, Dubuque, IA
The Galena Gazette, Galena, IL
Marianne Varney, Naples, FL
Lydia Nowak, Galena, IL
Tasha Lippold, Dubuque, IA
Denise and Frank Sedlak, Galena, IL
Donna France, A Bushel & A Peck, Elizabeth, IL
Chanda Hott, Sycamore, IL
Kathy and RJ Winkelhake, Galena, IL
Steve and Maire Douglas, Galena, IL
Jo Daviess County 4-H Federation
Brian Kelly, Elks Lodge, Galena, IL
Toni Klingler, Galena, IL
Arlene Ehtessabian, Galena, IL
Libby Miller, Galena, IL
Myra Linton, Galena, IL
Jeff Mozena, Premier Bank, Dubuque, IA
Andy Mozena, Premier Bank, Dubuque, IL
Barb and Alan Efflandt, Galena, IL
Claire and Bill Bersbach, Galena, IL
Nikki and Jim Dalgarn, Redmond, WA
Pat and John Willy, Galena, IL
Barb and Dale Koch, Chapel Hill, NC
Barb and Bob Bower, Redmond, WA
Sharon Nicklaus and Mary Ann Thorson, Galena, IL
Jane and Jack Yoder, Galena, IL
Chris LoMonaco, Galena, IL
Kelly Lindblom, Linden Soaps, Durango, IA
Galena Bible Church, AWANA Kid's Club, Galena, IL
Hoskins Building Center, Elizabeth, IL
Galena's Taste of Home Cooking School - Fran Onak, Galena, IL
Galena Territory Association, office staff, Galena, IL
Ben and Cassie Wienen, Galena, IL
Chris and Suzy Dalgarn, Bothell, WA
Madison Dalgarn, Bothell, WA
Zach Dalgarn, Lynnwood, WA
Jan Sandalow, Wood Dale, IL
George and Rogene Kepner in honor of Val and Ryan Deal, Paul and Alicia Kepner, Alison Kepner, David and Sara Kepner, Lena, IL
The Keeffer Family, Galena, IL
Carol Ries, Bellevue, IA
Walgreens #9708, Dubuque, IA
Jim and Diane Beemster, Galena, IL
Duane and Marge Olivier, Galena, IL 
Mary and David Kane, Galena, IL
Tom and Velma Frey, Galena, IL
Barb Liles and Warren Dorn, Galena, IL
Jan and Mark Hoedebeck, Galena, IL
Char and Garnet Fee, Galena, IL
Apple River State Bank, Elizabeth, IL

Apple River State Bank & First Community Bank of Galena, Galena, IL
Larson Performance Consulting, LLC, Munster, IN
Charlice Offenheiser, Elizabeth, IL
Shepherd of the Hills Church, Scales Mound, IL
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Grant, Galena, IL
Claire Dyes, Norcross, GA
The Geisz Family, Elizabeth, IL
Valerie Stuermer, Galena, IL
Joni Lucas, Holy Cross, IA
Jack and  Janine Zane, Galena, IL
The Order of Odd Fellows of Galena, Galena, IL
WalMart, Galena, IL
The First Community Bank of Galena, Galena, IL
Linda Robinson, The Villages, FL
Barbara Brown, Elizabeth, IL
First Presbyterian Church, Galena, IL
LuAnn Hott, Newell, IA
Margo Burnell, Redmond, WA, in memory of James L. Dalgarn
Eileen Frasier, Warrensburg, NY, in memory of James L. Dalgarn
Joan and Michael Kwiatkowski, Batavia, IL
Laurie and James Taylor, Moline, IL
Barb Kueper, Dubuque, IA
Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers of Galena, Galena, IL
Galena Lions Club, Galena, IL
Bill and Donna Miller, Galena, IL
Corinne and Dick Beutel, Galena, IL
LaDonna Meuchel and Julie O'Guin, Nashville, TN
Galena Elks Lodge #882, Galena, IL
Jan Bye, Dubuque, IA
Tom and Connie Wienen, Galena, IL
Darlene Shumaker, Hanover, IL
Culver's of Galena, Galena, IL
Lynn and Ken Zehnder, Galena, IL
Westminster Presbyterian Church, Galena, IL
Trinity Lutheran Church - Derinda, Elizabeth, IL
Sandy Bury, Galena, IL
Paul and Judy Fedorchak, Greenfield, IN
Don and Linda Klinger, Galena, IL
John Becker, Galena, IL
The Crockarell Family, Nashville, TN
Dorothy Crockarell, Hermitage, TN
Shannon Spaid, Bloomington, IL
Peggy and Ron Babcock, Galena, IL
George and Audrey Bilek, Galena, IL
Janet Carlson, Galena, IL
Susan Erzen, Galena, IL
Linda Lynn, Galena, IL
Bill and Peg Kimball, Galena, IL
Jim and Sharon LaCaeyse, Galena, IL
Susan Udelhofen, Madison, WI
Maureen Fletcher, Galena, IL
Sue and Randy Hoppman, Galena, IL
Maggie, Dennis and Maria Guenzler, Elizabeth, IL
Barb Hooper, Galena, IL
Pat Alspaugh, Galena, IL
Kris and Dick Nelson, Galena, IL
Sue Hinrichsen, Galena, IL
Greg and Gloria Christ, Galena, IL
Margaret Larson, Freeport, IL
Jan and Wally Nowak, Galena, IL
Bill and Linda Morden, Galena, IL
Becky Wright, Galena, IL
Mary Suddie, Galena, IL
Jane Holland, Galena, IL
Dan and Pam Tindell, Galena, IL
Karen and Tom Landoch, Galena, IL
Lois and John Gatto, Galena, IL
Gary and Linda Diedrick, Galena, IL

Cleaning Products

Mary Sue Klimstra, Galena, IL
Sarah and Justin Murphy, Lake St. Louis, MO
Jane and Bill Malone, Roscoe, IL
Anna and David Covey, Champaign, IL
Micki and Ron Lubcke, Galena, IL
Terry Townsend, Galena, IL
Janice Radabaugh, Galena, IL
Kiwanis Club of Galena,  Galena, IL 
John Becker, Galena, IL
Abbas Hill, Bristol, RI
Dave and Jennifer Tippett, Galena, IL
Rogene Kepner, Lena, IL
Pattie HarteNaus, Galena, IL
Kelly Scrima, Glen Ellyn, IL
Emily Painter, Galena, IL
Shirley Friedl, Galena, IL
Kerry Clarke Chama, Yakima, WA
Sandy and Ed Blackburn, Montoursville, PA
Ulla Albridge, Nashville, TN
Mike and Susan Sostak, Galena, IL
Dottie and Al Voetberg, Galena,IL
Marilyn and Harlan Spiroff, Galena, IL
Ken Rudd, Galena, IL
Joan and Denton Brown, Galena, IL
Martha and Garry Thompson, Galena, IL
Eileen and Ron Will, Galena, IL
Pat and Cliff Brooks, Galena, IL
Jim Wright, Galena, IL
Kitty Behof, Galena, IL
Pam and John Perry, Galena, IL 
Sue and Al Hartmann, Lansing, IL
Carolyn and Steve Gale, Galena, IL
Karen and Greg Serwich, Galena, IL
St. John's Lutheran Church, Elizabeth, IL
Joanne and Ray Lawler, Galena, IL
Patty and Ross Atkinson, Ojai, CA
Ann Gillespie, Atlanta, GA, in memory of Sharon Nicklaus
Maggie Jackson, Davenport, IA
Merrilee MacLean, Lacey, WA
Pattie and David Naus, Galena, IL
Kelly and Peter Scrima, Glen Ellyn, IL
Helen Kilburg, Dubuque, IA
Cecilia Cruz Yoder, Glenview, IL
Leonard North, Galena, IL
Jack and Pat Woodard, Galena, IL
Carol Meyer, Mountain View, CA
Schapville Zion Presbyterian Church, Pastor Dottie Morizzo, Elizabeth, IL
Schapville Zion Presbyterian Church, Ladies Circle, Elizabeth, IL
Kate Mills, Galena, IL
Gina Starwalt, Galena, IL
Pam Perry, Galena, IL
Susan Sellers, Nashville, TN
Sonshine Center, Elizabeth, IL
Erica Elliott, Elizabeth, IL
Sharon Westenfelder, Galena, IL 
Doug and Christine Meyer, Galena, IL
Wende Corbett, Elizabeth, IL
St. Michael's Altar & Rosary Society, Galena, IL
LuAnne Heim, Galena, IL
Sue and Al Jirkovsky, Galena, IL
Elizabeth Majers, Galena, IL
Crossroads Community Church of Galena, Galena, IL
Olivia Maple, Galena, IL
Scales Mound 4-H Club, Scales Mound, IL

Carolyn Kopps, Bettendorf, IA

Rose Imbus, Galena, IL

Anna Glowacki, Elizabeth, IL

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